Frequently asked questions

Buying a Trailer

Where can I get a price on a trailer?

Find a dealer near you and contact them about pricing. Find a dealer here.

Can I buy direct from the manufacturer?

We are not set up to sell to customers.
We only sell to registered Lamar dealerships across the United States and Canada.

Where are Lamar trailers made?

All our trailers are proudly made in Sumner Texas.

What kind of warranty do Lamar trailers come with?

We have a three year frame warranty and a one year component warranty. Tire warranty is handled by our tire manufacturer, check the sticker on the front of your trailer for contact information.

Can I become a Lamar trailer dealer?

Yes! As long as you can meet your state laws for dealership licensing and are approved through our on boarding process. Fill out an application here.

Can I get Lamar to custom build me a trailer?

Lamar does not build custom trailers.
The trailers we build have been thouroughly designed and tested. Building a custom trailer takes an incredible amount of time to build when it needs to be designed and tested.

Where can I find the nearest dealer?

You can find a dealer close to you here!

What is the payload on Lamar Trailers?

We have all our weights and payloads listed. Find your model here.

Trailer Specs

GVWR? GAWR? Payload? What do these mean?

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This is the maximum weight of a fully loaded trailer, including your payload. For safety, never exceed our GVWR listings. GAWR is simply your axle rating. It's the total weight capable of being carried by a single axle. Payload is how much cargo weight the trailer can actually carry, which is the GVWR minus the weight of your trailer.

Trouble Shooting

I lost my trailer instruction manual! What do I do?

You can download a new one here.

How should I load my trailer?

Keeping your trailer load properly distributed is very important. Always load heavier towards the tongue. At least 60% of your payload must be forward of the trailer center, with lighter items in the top and rear. Secure everything with proper tie downs.

Where is my trailer VIN on my Lamar Trailer?

Your VIN sticker is usually located on the inside of your trailer tongue.

Why won't my trailer raise or lower?

You may be having issues with your pump, solenoid or remote. check out these videos to trouble shoot and fix it.

I am having trouble with my hydrualic jacks

Check out our documentation here.

Where is my KTI Pump Manual?

We have the document online here.

Where do the points on the harness plugs go to?

We have a diagram here.

Are my tires worn? When do I replace them?

Here's a quick diagnostic check right here.

Can I get a wireless remote for my dump trailers? How do I install it?

We offer wireless remotes for our dump trailers. You can order it at the time of sale, through your dealer, us or online.
Here are instructions to install it yourself.

How do I load my trailer? I heard something about tongue weights?

It is crucial to properly load the weight on your trailer. Bad weight distribution can cause control loss while driving. Check out this nifty video on how to load your trailer.

I am having trouble with my trailer! What do I do?

All our warranty claims are handled through our dealers. They are able to look at any issues first hand, and have them fixed in-house or outsourced by local reputable businesses. The quickest way to get your trailer back on the road without hurting your wallet is to bring your trailer in to your local Lamar dealer. If this is not an option, you can email us direct with your VIN, pictures, and a description of the issue at warranty@lamartrailers.com
Any unauthorized work will not be reimbursed.

I scratched my trailer, where can I get touch up paint?

Our charcoal gray color can be matched pretty close with the Rustoleum Gloss Charcoal rattle can available at most hardware stores.

My hydraulic reservoir is flooding, how can I fix it?

Typically an overflowing reservoir is caused by a low battery. On a low battery the cylinder will push air instead of fluid into cylinder, causing the fluid to be pushed out into the reservoit. Charge your battery or replace it and cycle the dump up and down to see if the oil wil go down. Watch this video for a quick walk through.

How do I trouble shoot my KTI pump?

Here's a nifty little diagram to check your KTI pump issues.
It tells you what to check for pump not building pressure, motor not running, cylinder not extending, cylinder not retracting, not holding load, excessive heating, aeration of hydraulic fluid, reservoir overflowing, cylinder extending while not operating, struggling to lift load, load bouncing, start solenoid clicking, and start soleniod staying on.